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A wandering mind, a lingering idea.

nostraightanswer’s pursuit of music began in 2011, first culminating in the release of his atmospheric VOCALOID album, “idle thoughts”, and the follow-up EP “In Bloom”, the latter of which was praised as “innovative, subtle, and modern”. With a flair for the synthetic, nostraightanswer went on to produce several singles with the VOCALOID software, such as “Hard-Disk Hide and Seek” and “Pacify”, developing his own spin on modern pop and EDM. nostraightanswer has also proven himself as a confident vocalist, performing on his own works “Suffocate” and “Codex”, as well as fellow VOCALOID Producer Circus-P’s “Breathe” and collaboration work, “Patches”. With the upcoming release of his first lyrical project, “SYNTECH”, nostraightanswer hopes to appeal to fans of VOCALOID and mainstream music with aesthetics inspired by both.

Outside of music, Samuel “Sam” Blakeslee, more commonly known on the net as “Lupin”, is an aspiring multimedia artist. He seeks to be a jack of all trades, master of some, particularly in:

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production and Direction

  • Game Design and Development

  • Writing for Literature, Film, and Games

Backed by an educational background in Information Technology, Sam has always been quick to pick up and learn new technology and tools to assist his family and friends. Recently, as a bisexual individual, he’s been exploring ways to better advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, spreading awareness and speaking out against bigotry and discrimination.

He/Him or They/Them.