Website Launch!

Hello everyone! This is Sam Blakeslee, aka nostraightanswer and more casually Lupin, reporting for the first time on my new website!

That’s kind of awesome!

Right now the site is still somewhat in a work-in-progress state, but I’ve working out various things, like the Services page, behind the scenes! As soon as things are ready, they’ll be live. I guess that makes this is more of a soft-launch than anything.

So here’s the rub: I’m going to be posting blogs on this site at least once a week, regarding various topics. It could be about music I’ve been making or listening to, it could be about games I’ve been playing or have been excited for, it could be about new projects or big announcements- the works. I’m not associated with a record label or a publisher (yet), so there’s not restrictions on the content I can and can’t post. (Though I’m self-imposing a 13+ language guideline, so there typically won’t be any cursing-for-emphasis here.)

All I know for sure is that this is a blog like any other blog. I can use it to communicate with fans, but I’m also capable of speaking in longform, which is not as possible on other social media platforms (without looking equally messy). So I can get really into a single topic for a spell while keeping it all in one place, as opposed to making a thread on Twitter that- frankly- usually will only be read through the first tweet.

That said, it might take some time getting into the swing of things. I have lots to talk about and plenty to show, but habits take time!

Here’s to a new blog and a new website!