SYNTECH is a project that has been slowly iterating over the course of four years. Intended to be consumed by fans of mainstream electronic music, as well as by fans of VOCALOID and niche, independent music, the project has evolved to cater to both, spawning two sister albums, while a complete package is potentially in the works.


Prelude to Dusk

SYNTECH+ is the VOCALOID side of the SYNTECH project. It primarily features the voices of DEX and DAINA, both English VOCALOID libraries, the former of which synthesized from nostraightanswer’s own voice. Additional vocalists include Hatsune Miku, MAIKA, AVANNA, and nostraightanswer himself.


Envoi of Dawn

SYNTECH- is the self-cover side of the SYNTECH project. It primarily features nostraightanswer himself on vocals, a selection of rearrangements and remixes, two exclusive songs, and a different track order for a different listening experience. SYNTECH- was also inspired by requests from nostraightanswer’s parents, who prefered listening to their son’s voice as opposed to VOCALOID’s synthetic voices.


And so on…

Upcoming developments may result in the release of a complete set: SYNTECH 0.

Now live on Kickstarter as part of the Interface Collection, selected to be part of Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” feature.